Regional Coordinator

Your regional co-ordinator for the San Francisco-South Bay EMDR Regional Network is:

Kimbo Prichard, MFT 50264

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing child, adult and family psychotherapy since 2004. My experience as a therapist has focused on work with kids, individuals, parents and families, encompassing issues that impact relationships. Some of the issues I have worked with include trauma, anxiety, depressioL1030167n, communication, self-esteem, grief, loss, acting out behaviors, academic issues, family conflict, substance abuse, anger management, relational boundaries, identity concerns, experiences of racism and the coming out process. Although this is not a complete list, the theme of therapy often centers around difficulty in relationships with others or with one’s self. My work is to look collaboratively with a client at difficulties that come up and try to understand the trigger. When we have an idea where a feeling, behavior or reaction is coming from we can work on defining and processing the trigger. Client’s bring the expertise of self-knowledge to therapy, a central and defining part of healing triggers


Your Leadership Team:

Rajani Venkatraman Levis & Laura Joiner